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Old Masters Maroger: "We created Old Masters Maroger to fill a void in the art world. As painters, we spent years searching for a dependable source of high quality Maroger medium, and when that search yielded no results we finally took matters into our own hands. We are excited to be the first company providing a professional grade of this exceptional painting medium to artists worldwide. Enjoy, and Happy Painting!" Brad Lorbach and Michael Siegel, Founders - Old Masters Maroger

Innerglow Painting Panels: All Wood, Safe, Permanent, Acid Free. Innerglow painting panels have endured years of extreme testing for strength, durability and exposure.  They are safe, rugged and permanent.  They won't warp, peel, blister or lose adhesion.  The panels are available in all standard sizes and can be cut to custom shapes and sizes.  They are a full 1/2 inch thick, all wood, lightweight and require no bracing.  They are primed on both sides with a polymer primer in a traditional light gray tone,  ready to accept any type of  medium or paint except egg tempera.

Old Holland Oil Paints: Oil paints of the highest quality. Intensely pigmented and milled with cold-pressed linseed oil. Established by Dutch painters in 1664. Contact your local art store to purchase.

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SL Collectibles: Your Source for Treasures, Collectibles & Consignments. Located in Wheaton, IL.  Newly redesigned www.slcollectibles.com


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