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Genealogies / Selected Families History: Searching for Relatives.  We are looking for Surnames: Mlynek, Melenek, Hadra, Chadra, Kosowski, Majerczyk, Malec, Swiechowska, Swiechowski, Uher, Adamczyk, Slodyczka, and Kowalczyk.  Selected History of Chicago, IL "Bucktown" & Holstein Park area in the 1940s and 1950s.

Chadra / Hadra Family History:

< Frank and Florentyna Mlynek Hadra Marriage abt 1905 in Grabówki, Poland. - Submitted by Dennis Chadra April 8, 2009


August 15, 1907 - The Frank Hadra (Chadra) family arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on the ship Chemnitz from Bremen, Germany.

The Hadra (Chadra) family came from the Alwernia & Wieliczka (Krakow, Galacia Poland area). showing their last residence as Michałkowice, Śląsk Poland, under the Rule of Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria. They lived over one year in Michałkowice, Śląsk Poland and had to travel through Germany to get to Port of Bremen. They went straight to Carlisle / Scarbro, WV.

< photo taken in 1906 in Michałkowice, Śląsk Poland.

The baby is my father, John Chadra. The two standing in the back are Frank Chadra (Hadra) and Mlynek Mother. Front, left to right is Florentyna Mlynek Chadra, Mary Mlynek is seated holding my father (John Chadra), and Florentyna's brother John Mlynek This photo was taken on the way to America and Scarbro, WV.
  - Submitted by Dennis Chadra April 8, 2009

1907 - 1912:

The April 20 1910 US Census shows that Frank Hadra, Florentyna, John, Joseph and Emily rented the house at 47 White Oak Road in Scarbro, (Fayette County) West Virginia. They had three boarders:

John Mlynek (Florentyna's Brother) age 30, Married 11 years, with two children, emigrated from Austria (Poland) in 1905?, working as a coal miner.
Stanley Kososki (Kosowski) age 18, Single, emigrated from Austria (Poland) in 1908, working as a coal miner. (Frank’s future brother-in–law)
Frank Zaslawrick age 17, Single, emigrated from Austria (Poland) in 1909, working as a coal miner.

Prior to moving to Eccles in 1912, they lived in Scarbro / Carlisle, WV and Frank worked in the mines for New River Company. The John and Mary Mlynek family were relatives.

1912 - Mid 1920s:

Marriage Ceremony Emily Chadra, Anna Majerczyk, Josephine Chadra, Unknown Official (possibly Justice of the Peace), Joseph Hadra, Frank Hadra (Chadra) and John Chadra circa 1913. - Submitted by Dennis Chadra - 2000

My grandfather, Frank Hadra (Chadra), was a survivor of the April 28, 1914 Eccles #5 Mine Disaster. He was trapped in Eccles #6, 250 feet below the surface, for several hours before being rescued. My grandmother, Florentyna Mlynek Chadra, died of a hemorrhage with child in Eccles, WV in 1913 leaving Frank to care for four children. . He had four additional children with his second wife Anna Majerczyk Hadra.

Eccles Mine Disaster April 28, 1914 April 28, 1914 awaiting news. The No.6 Mine is shown on the far left. - Photo submitted by Adrian Bostic in 2000.

January 3, 1920 - The US Census shows that Frank Chadra was a lodger living with the Charlie Kulona Family at 331 A Street Allentown in Eccles Precinct Eccles, (Raleigh County) West Virginia. He lists his age as 40 yrs, immigrated in 1907, was naturalized in 1916. He lists his, his father, and mother's place of birth as Austria and their mother tongue as German. He said yes of being able to speak English. His occupation was pick miner.


Tony Hadra, Frank Chadra, Jr., Stanley Hadra, Walter Chadra and Josephine Hadra at Chadra / Hadra Home in Eccles, WV. - Josie was a child of Frank and Florentyna (nee Mlynek) Hadra. The boys were children of Frank and Anna (nee Majerczyk) Hadra. - Submitted by the Emily Babat (nee Chadra) Family 2001. Photo circa 1922.

The family lived, worked and played in Eccles, WV from 1912 through approximately 1923 with a brief stay in Jefferson Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio from 1918 through the mid 1920s........ Dennis Chadra

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